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6th Grade Team

From left to right: Ms. Reid, Ms. Christakos, Ms. Esslinger, Mr. Sandala, 
Ms. Hawes,  Ms.Hays, Ms. Lambert and Ms. Welsh 

7th Grade Team

From left to right: Mr. Stevenson, Ms. Mauller, Mr. Strunk, Ms. Thompson, 
Mr. Doerwaldt, Ms. Snapp, Mr. Risser and Ms. Rivera

8th Grade Team
From left to right: Back row:Ms. Miller, Ms. Kosiorek, Ms. Harp, Ms. Koplin,
Ms. Booker, Ms. Breitbeil Front row: Mr. DeHaven, Mr. Borger and Mr. Daniels 

Specialty Team

Left to Right: Ms. Deem, Ms. Burke, Ms. Casey, Ms. Buchanan, Ms. Lacey,
Ms. Michael, Mr. Brown, Mr. Shapiro, Ms. Schmohl, Ms. Wilkerson, Mr. Wilbourne, 
Ms. Cohen, Mr. Taylor and Ms. Takach