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Course Offerings

If you have any questions, please contact J-WMS at 955-6160 and ask to speak to our school counselors, Mr. Patrick Casey

or Ms. Chanda Feathers

TRANSFER STUDENTS: please contact our school at 540.955.6160 or email School Registrar, Ms. Lisa Dale, for Enrollment and Course Information.

2021-2022 Program of Studies and Course Offerings

Follow the link to connect to our School Counselor's 10 Minute Tips page for 2021-2022 Program of Studies and Courses Information

6th Grade

    • English 6 or Honors English 6

    • Math*

    • General Science 6

    • U.S. History I

    • Core Elective

    • 2 Electives

7th Grade

    • English 7 or Honors English 7

    • Math*

    • Life Science

    • U.S. History II

    • Core Elective

    • 2 Electives

8th Grade

    • English 8 or Honors English 8

    • Math*

    • Physical Science

    • Civics and Economics

    • Core Elective

    • 2 Electives

*Please see Program of Studies for further explanation of mathematics options.

Grading Scale

A note about GPA (grade point average) The following classes offered to J-WMS students are high school credit courses and final grades are calculated into your GPA:

    • Algebra I

    • Exploring Computer Science

    • French I and II

    • Honors Geometry

    • Foundations of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

    • Latin I

    • Spanish I and II

Report Cards

Our school year consists of four grade reporting periods. The first quarter ends in mid-October, the 2nd quarter and semester end in January. The third quarter ends in mid-to-late March, the end of the 4th quarter with final grades ends with the school year in June. Report cards are sent out within seven working days from the end of a grading period.

Interim reports are sent home via email for parent review four to five weeks into each grading period. These reports reflect the progress a student has made since the last reporting period.

SOL Information

The Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools describe the Commonwealth's expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12 in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, technology, the fine arts, foreign language, health and physical education, and driver education.

These standards represent a broad consensus of what parents, classroom teachers, school administrators, academics, and business and community leaders believe schools should teach and students should learn.

Our testing windows begin in March, with the Writing portion of the 8th Grade Standards, and picks up again in May with the completion of the remainder of testing.

Johnson-Williams Middle School, along with all Clarke County Public Schools, believes that our success with Virginia Department of Education's Virginia Assessment Program reflects our commitment to all children learning at high levels. Providing an exceptional education during the middle school years is key to the success of students throughout their lifetime. As our students continue to improve, both academically and individually, J-WMS's first goal is to ensure the successful preparation of every child for any aspiration that they have.