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Registration & Enrollment

Hello and Welcome to Johnson-Williams Middle School!

Student registration for 2022-2023 is now open

Parents should have received an email to the registration portal.

STEP 1: Parent/Legal Guardian - Please Contact the Registrar for an Appointment

Ms. Erica Grubbs, Registrar grubbse@clarke.k12.va.us

STEP 2: Complete PowerSchool Online Registration

The Registrar will provide parents with a new student registration link.

Registration documents may be uploaded through our secure website.

STEP 3: A course registration appointment will be arranged with your child's school counselor.

Parent Checklist for Registration/Enrollment (See FAQs below for a detailed description of acceptable documents)

  • Two proofs of residency

  • Parent photo ID

  • Original birth certificate (issued by state, not hospital)

  • Immunization record

School Minimum Immunization Requirements

Returning students, please complete your online registration through the PowerSchool Parent Portal

Additional registration information can be found at https://www.clarke.k12.va.us/parents-students/registration-enrollment


Please contact Ms. Erica Grubbs, Registrar

E-mail: grubbse@clarke.k12.va.us

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Register a Child?

Parent/Legal Guardian who resides in Clarke County

Where Do I Go To Register?

Registrations are completed at the school, contact the registrar for an appointment:

Ms. Erica Grubbs, Registrar


Johnson-Williams Middle School (Grades 6-8)

200 Swan Ave., Berryville, VA 22611


What Documents are Required For Registration?

Please be prepared to provide the following records:

1. Two Proofs of Residency - see the following section

2. Photo ID - choose one:

  • Valid, current Virginia Driver’s license

  • Valid, current Photo ID Card (from the DMV)

  • Valid, current Passport

3. Birth Certificate (original or certified copy, no photocopies) If parent name on birth certificate is different than custodial parent, please bring the court order, military order, adoption papers, foster care documents, etc. that explains the custodial parent and difference in name from child.

4. Certification of Immunizations - School Minimum Requirements

5. Tuition Application & Contract - Non-Resident Students Only

What is Accepted as Proof of Residency?

Parents must present proof that they reside in the attendance zone in which they are enrolling students. Please provide a photo ID and two (2) residency documents as outlined below.

Residency Document #1 (choose one):

  • Real estate tax bill

  • Rental/Lease contract with signatures & date. Please verify address on contract is correct, and no additions have been made to the original contract.

  • Mortgage statement/bill

  • Property Owner’s Certification for Residence. If you are living in Clarke County without a lease and you don’t own the residence, you may have the owner complete a Property Owner’s Certification for Residence form and present the notarized copy at registration.

  • House purchase contract with signatures & date. Please verify address on contract is correct, and no additions have been made to the original contract. When a family has a home purchase contract, but has not yet taken residency, please refer to Regulation JEC-CCPS-R and contact the Assistant Superintendent at 540.955.6100.

Residency Document #2 (choose one):

  • Electric bill

  • Oil bill

  • Gas bill (Natural or Propane – if attached to home)

  • Water/sewer bill

  • Cable/satellite TV bill

  • Home owner’s insurance policy (coverage must be current). Please verify address on contract is correct.

Items Not Accepted:

  • Bills more than 2 months prior to current date

  • Bank statements

  • Phone bills