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Remember the Basic Guidelines Regarding School Attendance:

  • Parents are advised to contact the school each day when a child is going to be absent.

  • If you cannot call the school during your child’s absence, then upon his/her return, send a note explaining why your child was absent.

  • If your child is ill and sees a doctor, get a medical excuse from the physician and send it with the child upon his/her return to school.

  • If your child has an ongoing medical condition that keeps him/her out of school frequently, please ensure that this condition is documented with the school nurse and your guidance counselor.

  • If your child has an appointment with a counselor, probation officer, judge, lawyer, doctor, or any other agency, get a note documenting the visit and return it to school.

  • Be familiar with the attendance policy at the school your child attends. Parent notes or calls may not be excused at all times. Ask for further guidelines regarding attendance.